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Scott (“Rabbit”)
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Scott is HorseAndRabbit.com Adventures’ cameraman, editor, composer, and does virtually everything that appears in the podcast, outside of actually appearing in them for the most part. He secretly hopes that a sponsor will pick up the podcast, allowing for more exotic and far-reaching destinations that will help the show live up to its ‘adventurous’ title.

When not working at his day job or on the podcast (and associated website), he can be found doing music and audio editing, creating Photoshop-based artwork, planning the next family trip, and trying out new recipes.

Julie (“Horse”)
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Jewel is the resident crafter and the veritable “face” of HorseAndRabbit.com Adventures — having more screen time in the video podcasts than anyone else. She also supplies the photographs used in the montages and gracing the galleries on this website.

When not embarrassing herself for the benefit of the cameras, Jewel is currently working on an adventure novel series — you can find out all about it on her writer’s Facebook page. Her free time is consumed by fiber arts, working toward publication, and mothering her babies. And to the other knitters/crocheters/spinners/dyers: yes, she’s on Ravelry.

Wyatt (“Rat”)

Over the last few years, Wyatt has taken his place as one of the hosts of the podcast. From hopping on rides, jumping in the TARDIS*, or feeding zoo animals, he’s often our most hands-on adventurer. He’s always the first to insist we start on another podcast, and even has helped with the naming process and destination selection.

Wyatt’s current hobbies include playing Kerbal Space Program, MineCraft or Sonic the Hedgehog, researching Doctor Who or the latest NASA/JPL missions, watching Teen Titans Go, and reading.

*it’s actually surprising how often it shows up on our adventures.

Kaela (“Filly“)

The newest member of our podcast, Kaela currently provides the much-needed “cute” demographic. As she gets older, she will also provide color commentary for the productions… as well as a younger, fresher, and probably edgier point-of-view.

As the reigning Queen of Drool, Kaela’s current hobbies include learning to walk, speak and get the rest of the family to do her bidding.


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