Episode 50 : Renaissance Rats (Part 3)

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Dateline: April 4 through May 16, 2009 –
Cultures blend at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire’s home of Port Deptford. Music from various lands is peppered with the sound of gunpowder and steel as we venture into the third installment of our Elizabethan odyssey.

Episode Details: Season 4, Episode 5
Release Date: June 29, 2009
Rated: G (for all audiences)
Location: Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Hosts: Horse, Rabbit and Rat
Guests: MooNIE the Magnif’Cent, Commedia Volante, Suspended Reality, Dark Gypsies, Clan McColin, Ulliam McTomas, Stoddard’s Compayne of Foote and the Royal Equine Guild
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